Two Little Words That Sell Like Hotcakes (Use This)

Hey there,

Today I wanted to share with you a simple trick you can use to instantly sell more stuff.

It’s easy, fast, and you can swipe and deploy this thing before the day is out.

Okay, so here goes…

See, one of the issues I see often is that most people don’t seem to be able to tell the difference between features and benefits.

And the reason this is a tragedy is people don’t buy features.

They buy BENEFITS.

In case you’re one of those people that aren’t quite sure what the difference is (like I was for YEARS), here’s an easy breakdown…

Features are the cool, little things your product has or does.

Benefits are the impact that has on your consumers life.

Again, people don’t care about the cool shit your product does/has…

…they care about what those things do for them.
Follow me so far?

Great, so here’s how to apply this in your sales copy.

Let’s take bullet points for example.

I use bullet points all the time in my sales copy.

I use it on lead capture pages, webinar registration pages, sales pages, emails, you name it.

Now let’s pretend we’re hosting a webinar about how to train your dragon (Yes, I said dragon. The final season of Game of Thrones is coming and this is the type of stuff on my mind).

So here’s what our bullet points might say:

On the webinar you’ll discover:

    • How to get your dragon to spit fire only on command
    • How to train your dragon to guard your home
    • How to make your dragon fly safely

Now, that’s cool and all but it really doesn’t drive the value home, does it?

(SIDENOTE: Notice that those are all “How to” bullets. People LOVE “how to” headlines people it makes them feel like they’re going to get value right away. Anyway, that’s a little bonus for ya.)

While those bullets aren’t horrible (I’ve seen worse. Much, much worse) they really just tell us the features of the webinar, not the benefits of attending.

So how do we take this okay bullet points and make them hot and spicy money getting bullet points?

It starts with these two little words: “so that”.

Stick with me. You’ll see.

Okay, now let’s try this again…

On the webinar you’ll discover:

    • How to get your dragon to spit fire only on command so that you have peace of mind knowing your home and family won’t be accidentally incinerated.
    • How to train your dragon to guard your home so that you can rest assured at night knowing your family is safe and secure.
    • How to make your dragon fly safely so that you can enjoy all the fun and exciting rides without worrying about being tossed from the saddle!

See that?

We used “so that” to tie in the benefits of each of the features of our fake (though moderately exciting) webinar!

Here’s another little hint for you… notice that each of the benefits tie in an emotion, i.e. “peace of mind”, “rest assured”, “fun and exciting”.

That’s because all buying decisions are EMOTIONAL, not logical (more on that in the future).

So there you go.
Ask yourself, “What’s the emotional benefit to my customer for each of my product’s features?”

You can use this in your conversations, videos, presentations, and pretty much everywhere.

Swipe, deploy, and watch your sales sky rocket!

– Keala Kanae
Founder & CEO | Inspirean, Inc.