The Only TWO Reasons People Buy Your Stuff (Important)

Did you know there are only two things people buy (yes, just two)?

Here they are:
1. Solutions
2. Significance

That’s it.

In other words, people are either buying your product because it solves a problem or because of the identity it gives them.

Let’s look at an example.

Let’s take “Joe” for instance.

Joe desperately needs a car to get to and from work.

Joe is tired of relying on public transportation to get everywhere.

It will shorten his transportation time, give him more flexibility, more independence, etc.

If this is Joe’s aim, which do you suppose he’ll choose?

The Honda?

Or the Lamborghini?

Probably the Honda, right?

I mean, It makes no logical, rational sense to buy a Lamborghini (trust me, I had one).

On average, it’s not going to get him anywhere faster, it’s not saving money on gas, or improving his independence, nothing.

Therefore, if Joe’s true aim is to solve the problems we’ve described, he’ll likely get the Honda.

His cousin Tim on the other hand is a different story.

Tim’s been grinding away on his business for years.

He’s got several cars, a nice house, and a trophy wife.

He was out looking at cars the other day and he’s now dead set on the 2019 Lamborghini Huracan.

Why is that, you think?

Well, Tim’s not trying to solve a major problem. There’s no pain or desire he must address.

Instead, Tim is buying a “status”.

To Tim, the Lambo is a trophy of sorts.

It says something about his identity in the world.

It sends a message about him that he wants people to know, i.e. “I’m successful”.

ALL buying choices fall into one (or both) of these two categories as well.

Let’s be honest… Walmart has quality purses, don’t they?

But they don’t send the same message that Chanel handbag does, do they?

Let’s be clear here, too.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with either choice.

The only point is that if you’re trying to sell Joe a Lamborghini or sell Tim a Honda, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

So here’s the point:

You’ve got to decide, is your sales message going to be about solving a problem… or about providing a certain status?

BOTH work. There’s not a right or wrong answer.

But you do need to choose.

Most products we buy on a day to day basis we buy to solve problems.

However, ALL of us, have a desire to buy things that increase our significance as well.

And it’s probably worth noting that brands/products that focus on problem-solving tend to compete based on price whereas brands/products that focus on status tend to compete based on quality.

In other words, one is focused on the lowest price and the other is focused on the highest quality.

So ask yourself, which message is right for your market, product, brand, or service?

– Keala Kanae
Founder & CEO | Inspirean, Inc.