How To Unlock Your Super Powers (Great Read)

It’s funny, isn’t it… the way our society treats celebrities?

You watch Adam Levin tear off his shirt during the Super Bowl and instantly people think to themselves…

“I wish I looked like that”

“I wish I could find a man like that”

“Wow! He’s got it all”

And who knows what else.

And here’s the truth: YOU have it all.

And as you keep reading, you’ll discover a simple little secret you can use to prove it to yourself so stick with me.

First, let’s be clear about something.

There is no such thing as a “super human”.

There are 2,036 human traits listed in the Oxford Dictionary and every single person has ALL of them.

Notice that it’s an even number?

That’s because (like everything in the known Universe) every single trait has its equal and opposite trait.

In other words, we’re ALL:

Kind and Cruel

Honest and Dishonest

Angelic and Animalistic

And on and on that list goes (and if you disagree, read that second one again)…

In other words, inside of every human being on earth exists the entire facet of human traits.

So if that true, why do we put these so-called celebrities on a pedestal?

Well, the simple fact is that when someone reflects traits or characteristics that we admire but have disowned within ourselves, we put them on a pedestal.

And when someone reflects traits or characteristics that we despise but have disowned, we put them in the “pit” (that’s a topic for another day).

To put it plainly, when admire someone we tend to think that they have traits or characteristics that we don’t have.

But as we just discussed, we ALL have ALL of the traits.

So what I’m about to show you a simple way for you to unlcock your own super powers so that you can be the super hero in your own life that you were born to be.

And when I first learned this I used it immediately on two individuals that I used to think “I want to be like”.

And guess what?

Today, one of those men work with me and the other I was just on vacation with in Mexico.

Plainly put, the people I used to infatuate with are now my equals.

What’s it going to feel like when YOU are colleagues with your “super hero”?

Okay, back to the exercise…

My mentor calls this “Owning The Traits Of The Greats” and here’s (a simplified version of) how it’s goes.

First, take out a pen and paper and start listing all of the traits about your “superhero” that you think you don’t have (or have less of).

Maybe you think they’re smart, funny, charismatic, talented… whatever.

Make a list of at LEAST 10 of these traits (I do 20 so feel free to challenge yourself).

Next, we’re going to start owning these traits within ourselves.

So alongside each of those traits you’ve listed think about at least 3 times in your life where you’ve expressed that trait.

If it’s difficult, remember that it’s supposed to be.

If you believed these things about yourself already then you’d have what your superhero has (or more) so dig deep and find these examples.

Assuming you listed 10 traits and then found at least 3 times in your life that you’ve expressed those traits then you now have a minimum of 30 examples of how you too have superhero qualities.

What this does is re-myelinate your brain to start subconsciously believing these about yourself such that you lift yourself up on that pedestal, too, and realize that there is greatness inside of you.

And don’t you doubt that for a second.

You were born with gifts to offer this world that no one else can replace.

You matter.

You being here is important.

And this world wouldn’t be the same without you.

Remember that.


– Keala Kanae
Founder & CEO | Inspirean, Inc.