Aliens, Bigfoot, and the Pyramids (Oh My)

You might be wondering if I’ve lost my mind?


That subject line just serves as an example of today’s lesson about one of the most powerful marketing tools I’ve ever discovered… curiosity!

Do you perhaps remember the “Mysteries of the Unknown” series by Time-Life back in the late 80’s (if you’re too young, I apologize)?

Their TV commercials were incredibly captivating and it ended up being the most successful launch in Time-Life history.

How did they do it?

You guessed it… curiosity!

The commercials basically went something like this… “Does bigfoot really exist? Did aliens secretly build the pyramids? Find out in Mysteries of the Unknown…”

Or something like that (great link at the end of this email).

Do you see how that works?

I remember seeing those commercials as a kid and desperately wanting to know more.
They gave us viewers none of the answers but raised lots of questions in our mind…

…and human beings don’t like having more questions than answers.

As another example, you might remember those short-lived Facebook ads that flooded the newsfeed a couple years (you still see them from time to time).

They would say something like “He fell off the ladder and what happens next will shock you…”

Facebook eventually banned those ads labeling them “clickbait”… but not because they didn’t work.

Instead, it was because they worked too good!

In other words, the click-through rates were astronomical but often times the content linked to didn’t actually match the ad causing Facebook to raise concern regarding the user experience.

However, the point was again made… curiosity works!

So how do you use this in your marketing?

Here’s a few ideas off the top of my head:

1. Use more curiosity based headlines over your videos on your landing pages.

We have a test campaign running right now to a landing page with the headline “These 3 Secrets Set Me Free…”

Do you see how that spawns curiosity and entices the visitor to watch the video below the headline?

2. Use curiosity in your emails to get people to click on links and take the action you need them to take.

As an example, if you were promoting our products as an affiliate, you might send a simple email that says something to the effect of…

“What happens when you take a broke barista, a wifi connection, and a little too much coffee?

Click here to find out: [your affiliate link to webinar replay]

Trust me. You can’t afford to miss this”

Now, I probably wouldn’t say exactly that but you get the point, right?

3. You can also use this in videos to get people to stay and watch longer.

For example, if you were selling a product on gut health and digestion, you might open up your video and say…

“In a moment I’ll reveal ONE simple thing I used to dramatically improve my gut health and vitality. First though, let’s talk about some of the lies you’ve been told by popular science…”

The curiosity raised around that “one simple thing” you alluded to then keeps your viewer watching while you go over other information you might need to cover in order to get the sale.

And the possibilities are endless.
Curiosity is hands down one of the top strategies I use in my marketing to date!

So there you go.

Swipe and deploy 😉

– Keala Kanae
Founder & CEO | Incpirean, Inc.

P.S. Here’s that Time Life “Mysteries of the Unknown” example for your reference…